You don’t have to sit by a campfire to tell a great story.


Share Your Story

Build confidence in your abilities through visual representations of your own experiences.


Understand your viewpoint

Examine the effects of culture, society, and personal experiences on your own life to develop a unique artistic perspective.


Get out there

See the world in new and different ways. Then develop your own interpretations and put them back into the world.

People Danger of Broad Brush

My Perspective: The Danger of Painting People with a Broad Brush

Trying times The week of July 4th was difficult. For me. For my family. For the people of this country. I was about to board a plane in Dallas when my husband texted … Read more

Creative inspiration Kansas City

Discover Creative Inspiration in a Midwestern Metropolis

Traveling has been a huge part of my life. My family has never lived in the same city as our extended family. So we found ourselves driving 4 to 8 hours … Read more

Lessons Artist Prince

5 Important Lessons on Being an Artist from The Artist

Often, we don’t gain full appreciation of something or someone until it is gone. In the weeks since the death of Prince, I have realized something: “The Artist” was a … Read more