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People Danger of Broad Brush

My Perspective: The Danger of Painting People with a Broad Brush

Trying times The week of July 4th was difficult. For me. For my family. For the people of this country. I was about to board a plane in Dallas when my husband texted about the targeted killing of police officers overnight. In the days before, two separate videos that dominated national headlines showed… Read more

Creative inspiration Kansas City

Discover Creative Inspiration in a Midwestern Metropolis

Traveling has been a huge part of my life. My family has never lived in the same city as our extended family. So we found ourselves driving 4 to 8 hours each summer to North Carolina to visit relatives. My parents would also arrange a family trip to some place new—a different… Read more

Lessons Artist Prince

5 Important Lessons on Being an Artist from The Artist

Often, we don’t gain full appreciation of something or someone until it is gone. In the weeks since the death of Prince, I have realized something: “The Artist” was a rare advocate for and inspiration to someone like me: a young black female artist. Or anyone who is one or… Read more

Logo Design Not Cheap

The Best Logo Designs are Not Cheap (and here’s why)

I get asked about logo designs all the time, both at my full-time job and on a freelance basis. Last year, I wrote thoughtful, beautifully-designed proposals for three different branding projects. In all three cases, the potential clients flaked out after seeing the numbers. SO. FRUSTRATING. Now, I will admit… Read more

Impress Graphic Designer

How to Seriously Impress a Graphic Designer

The turn-off I tend to cringe when people ask me what I do. Why? Here is the typical script: “So what do you do, Ashley?” “I’m a graphic designer.” “Oh! So you work on the computer and stuff, right?” At this point, I could sit the person down and launch… Read more


Thank You for Your Donations!

Thanks for being so incredibly generous! Your donations helped us double our goal of $200. In fact, we’ve received over $450.00 in donations for the Cancer Research Institute! The Design Kettle fundraiser is officially over, but you can still donate through the CRI donation page. I hope to make this an annual fundraiser for cancer research and… Read more

Remember September

Remember September

Update : 06.14.16 My father, Peyton Jr., passed away on February 13, 2016, after a 16-month fight against colon cancer. He was a humble guy who loved people. Family and friends were always extremely important to him. He is incredibly missed by many. This post is dedicated to Dad. I will… Read more